Meet Saadia & Sara

As young Muslim mothers we started Fitra Learning with one goal in mind:

To share with the world educational Islamic products we have designed for our own children that we find both beautiful and beneficial


How it all started


Our journey started in 2015 when we developed the Qur’an Words as a Ramadan activity for our children. We wanted a way of connecting our children to the Book of Allah using pictures of words from the Qur’an that were related to different stories or easy concepts for them to understand.

Through Sara’s blog Parenthood Muslim style we were able share what we had developed online, and were amazed by the positive response from around the world.

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A need in the market

This led us to think about the need for more creative Islamic resources for children. And thus the idea for Fitra Learning was born. A platform where we could empower Muslim parents to make their children’s Islamic education more exciting, fun and meaningful using beneficial and well-designed resources.


At our sister project, the Fitra Community School we are designing an Islamic primary school unlike any other.  As part of our curriculum we will be incorporating new Islamic resources for the 21st century Muslim child. Our aim is to share the most valuable resources and ideas from the school via Fitra Learning so that others  around the world can benefit too InshaAllah. To find out more more about the Fitra Community School, visit: 

Our Sister Project


Going Foward!

We believe that learning our beautiful deen should be an enjoyable and meaningful experience for Muslim kids. We’re on a mission to provide parents with exciting, creative tools to help them on this noble journey. As mothers who are on this path ourselves, we’re excited to share our ideas, resources and products that we truly believe have benefited our own children.

If you have any questions or just want to say Salam, click the button below to send us a message.



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